Sell-Side Advisory

Trusted Sell-Side Advisors

Dwek Capital has significant experience in leading successful sale transactions for privately owned businesses. Selling a business is not an easy process and requires specialized knowledge, experience, and expertise. We differentiate ourselves from other advisory firms by focusing on the middle market and by working hand-in-hand together with our clients through the entire transaction process.

We recognize the hard work and passion you’ve invested to build your business, and as such, we tailor each process, as well as take a structured and outcomes-driven approach to reach an agreement to meet your strategic and financial objectives. By working with us, you can focus on the operations of your business, while we handle the complexities for you.

From finding the right buyer to creating marketing strategies to negotiating and closing the transaction, we ensure that our clients are fully prepared for their transition. We have your best interest at heart and work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

Our Proven Selling Process

1. Valuation and Initial Engagement

We begin our sales process by speaking with the client and understanding their purpose in selling their business. We work side-by-side with the owners to formulate a business valuation based on relevant comparable that best match the business. After setting a base target price, we discuss M&A scenarios most likely to occur during the process.

2. Memorandums and Deal Positioning

After initial discussions with the owner, we begin to develop and implement a marketing plan to strategically position the business in the relevant market. We prepare confidential offering memorandums and teasers to send out to prospective buyers. This information is gathered from the owners beforehand, which provides relevant operational, marketing, and financial information to the prospective buyers.

3. Buyer Selection and Outreach

Once the preparations have been completed, we start to identify and qualify prospective buyers. Once the buyer has been successfully screened by a member of our team, our managing partner gives a presentation. After evaluating various offers from the buyers, we short-list the candidates and advise the owners on the final buyer selection.

4. Negotiation

After connecting with the right buyer, we create a structured negotiation to ensure that our client’s needs and expectations are met. We ensure that both parties are fully aware of all factors before the negotiation begins. This way, there is little left to negotiate other than the final price, timing, and transition of the business.

5. Due Diligence and Closing

Once the negotiation has come to a close, we work quickly to ensure that the due diligence process and deal closure are completed. Once all the details for the closing have been finalized, we lead both parties through to a successful closure and ensure financing is secure and on schedule.

Sell-Side Advisory

Looking to sell your business? We can help you navigate through the entire process.