Buy-Side Advisory

Experienced Buy-Side Advisors

Dwek Capital has extensive experience providing buy-side advisory to the middle market. By utilizing our proprietary database, as well as our extensive network, knowledge, and resources, we can help locate and acquire add-on opportunities that will enable growth. As you prepare and develop your growth plan, it is crucial for you to partner with a firm that understands your long-term goals and objectives.

We work hand-in-hand with you through the entire transaction process from creating a criteria to identifying and qualifying targets to negotiating and closing. We understand that it is not just about finding a deal, but finding the right deal. By working with us, you can be assured to secure the right deal on the right terms.

Our Proven Buying Process

1. Acquisition Criteria and Strategy

The first stage of the buyside M&A process is developing an effective strategy and criteria that meets and complements the client’s corporate strategy and business model. We assess financial and management readiness of the strategic acquisition plan to minimize the potential for a loss.

2. Target Research and Outreach

Once a criteria has been outlined, we proceed to research and identify candidates based on this criteria to achieve our client’s M&A strategy. We utilize our vast network and proprietary databases to quickly identify and qualify the most viable businesses, while upholding the strictest confidentiality.

3. Due Diligence

We conduct thorough due diligence of the target business and look into every detail of their business. We work with lawyers, investment bankers, and accountants to assist us through this process. With their combined expertise, we validate the operational and financial information provided by target businesses in order to determine if the business fits our client’s strategic goals.

4. Negotiation

During the negotiation process, we discuss the long-term objectives of both the practice owners and our client. Based on this, we facilitate discussions on the deal structure, purchase price, and strategic goals during the transaction process.

5. Closing

Once the final purchase agreement has been finalized and all preparations for the transaction has been completed, we facilitate the transfer of assets to the client and lead them through to a successful closure.

Buy-Side Advisory

Looking for an add-on opportunity to grow your business? We can help you navigate through the process.