Over the past few years, we have partnered with numerous leading dental service organizations (DSO) across North America to help discover the best possible outcomes for dental practices. We understand that you’ve invested countless hours of hard work and dedication to make your practice a success that it is today, and our team of experts work hard every day to find the best valuation for your practice. Whether you are looking to retire as soon as possible or continue practicing full-time, we take everything into consideration to provide you with multiple customized options to make your goals a reality.


With exclusive relationships with leading medical service organizations (MSO), we are constantly searching for top dermatology practices in North America to join us in our future ventures. We work together with you at every step of the transition and take the time to learn about your vision for the future to explore different options. Transitioning is a complex process and partnering with the right group is a key factor to having continuity in your practice, patients and staff. At Dwek Capital, we have a track record of simplifying the process and providing clients with the necessary level of care and resources to help you move forward with confidence.


Having dealt with numerous healthcare transactions in the past, we understand that every practice has a unique set of challenges. Often, optometrists retire and sell to an associate or a private buyer at a much-undervalued price. That’s why we take a much more personalized and transparent approach to every engagement. We have extensive resources across North America and our team of highly experienced financial advisors are committed to finding the highest possible valuation for your practice. We guarantee for our clients competitive pricing and terms that are specific to their needs that will lead to a better retirement plan.


Over the past couple of years, chiropractic franchising has become an increasing trend within the healthcare industry, gaining significant attention from investors, including Dwek Capital. Although due to the Covid-19 pandemic, valuation of chiropractic practices has declined, it is projected that there will be a quick recovery in the market value of medical practices once the pandemic ends. During this time, we have been actively involved in numerous transactions. We not only provide a thorough valuation service, but also additional consulting services for clients that experience a high level of stress and uncertainties during the transition process.

Physical Therapy

While the pace of consolidation in medical industries has increased over the past decade, the physical therapy industry has remained highly fragmented. We are currently experiencing a high increase in demand from our partners to invest in physical therapy practices. This is due to the high tail wind of the industry, driven mainly by the substantial increase in the active and aging population. Regardless of whether your practice focuses on vestibular, orthopedic or neurological physical theory, we would love to hear from you. Our team of dedicated financial associates are here to help you at every step of the way to give you the highest quality of care and valuation for your practice.


Veterinarian practices have always been a highly fragmented industry in North America. This recession-proof market offers great returns with low risks and continues to gain interest from healthcare investors and private equity firms, including Dwek Capital. Due to a shortage of veterinarians, the valuation of these practices have been growing at a fast pace, but it is predicted that the market will eventually mature, as will the valuation of practices. At Dwek Capital, we have also been actively pursuing acquisitions and partnerships in veterinarian practices. If you are a veterinarian considering a transition, please contact us for more information at Dwek Capital.