If you are like most dentists, you have spent countless hours managing the details that make your business thrive. You have invested your time and energy into building a successful dental practice and now you are wondering if there’s a better way to enjoy the fruits of your labor, without working so many hours a week. Perhaps you are thinking of retiring, and want to ensure a nest egg for you and your family. If you are considering any of these scenarios, contact us at Dwek Capital.

Our investing partner is led by dentists who are sensitive to your needs and understand that your dental practice is so much more than just a collection of chairs and instruments. In over 25 years of growth, they have looked at numerous dental clinics and they know that each one is different.

We will review your unique situation and discuss the different ways that you can partner with us. Many of our current associates sold their practice to our investing partner at fair market value, and have continued to practice dentistry at the same location – caring for the same patients they have looked after for years. Whether you want to continue practicing full-time or you want to practice less so you can spend more with your family, we have multiple, customized options to make your goals a reality.