Dwek Capital is a private equity firm based in Toronto.


Dwek Capital is a sector-agnostic Private Equity firm headquartered in Toronto. We directly invest in high-quality companies as well as offer advisory services such as capital raising and acquisition search.


Although we take a broad approach to which industries we operate in, our focus currently is on the healthcare, mining, marketing services, and technology industries.


We are dedicated to providing quality financial services and cultivating relationships with our clients and investing partners.

Acquisition Process

  1. Introductory Meeting: We discuss your business at a high level to understand the investment opportunity
  2. Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (MNDA): The NDA permits us to share confidential information with each other to facilitate the transaction
  3. Preliminary Due Diligence: Initial due diligence of your financials to determine if the investment is a good fit
  4. Letter of Intent (LOI): The document outlines a mutual understanding between the acquisition target and acquirer that they intend to proceed with the purchase, as well as price and conditions surrounding the acquisition
  5. Further Due Diligence: Deeper research to uncover any issues and determine if the purchase terms are reasonable
  6. Finalize Terms and complete the purchase: Final paperwork to complete the transaction